East Quoddy
Head Harbour
Friends of The Head Harbour Lightstation

Towering majestically on the eastern tip of Campobello Island
stands the "East Quoddy Lighthouse", also more familiar to
everyone as the "Head Harbour Lighthouse". An isolated home
in years past, to the many lightkeepers and their families, it stands
now unmanned. A victim of technology hovering on the brink of a
fate that has befallen other monuments of it's own kind. Proudly
looking out over the Bay of Fundy, the most photographed
lighthouse in the world.
What will be it's fate........we wonder.


"The Friends of The Head Harbour Lightstation", a concerned
group of local residents, has rallied together to pick up the
torch in a wholehearted attempt to preserve, protect and
this irreplaceable piece of history.

© IDS 2001